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Collard Greens - Tray



Homecooked to perfection with the juices and flavor of Smoked Turkey, our Collard Greens Tray comes in medium and large size trays, catering to all event sizes. Collard Greens are also an excellent source of Vitamin C and the antioxidant beta carotene. Eat well and feel great with this home-cooked favorite!

  • Homemade dish with mild and savory flavor
  • Hot and ready to serve in a covered aluminum pan
  • Comes in medium and large sizes
  • Available for pickup in-store only

What's the event size?

Sized Tray

Top: 10 3/8″ x 12 7/8″

Bottom: 7 7/8″ x 10 3/8″

Feeds: 18-20 people


Sized Tray

Top: 12 7/8″ x 12 3/4″

Bottom: 8 7/8″ x 17 5/8″

Feeds: 35-40 people