Houston Meat Market – Tips on Choosing the Best Cut

Farmer’s Fresh Meat, your local Houston meat market, has a lot to offer customers, and there’s no need to feel overwhelmed!  It goes without saying, but your goal is to select the perfect steak – one that fits your preference, needs, and cooking style.  Nevertheless, there’s no need to stress. This article offers a brief overview of what you should keep in mind during your next butcher shop visit.

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Here are a few simple tips that should help you select your next steak with ease:

  • Get Acquainted With The Names of Each Cut

It’s helpful if  you have the names of the best steak cuts in the back of your mind before you visit your local Houston meat market. Among the most popular steak cuts in a Houston meat market include:  Rib eye, Porterhouse, Fillet steak, Sirloin, T-bone, Rump steak, and so on. Each one comes with unique style of cut, texture and shape. If you get mixed up, feel free to ask  or print out the image at the top of the page.

  • Learn the Basic Characteristics of Popular Cuts

This one is pretty important, but on the bright side, it means you get to explore lots of different types of steaks. Remember to keep an open mind – this should be fun (and delicious)! Here are some of the basic characteristics of the common cuts of steaks that should help you make the right choice when you visit the Houston meat market:

  • Tenderloin or Filet

This butcher shop cut is from the juicy tenderloin part of the cow. It’s usually very tender and lean – giving you the best of all worlds. However, it is one of the more expensive cuts of steaks. Nevertheless, it’s a must-try for the health (and taste) conscious among you. Tenderloins and filets taste especially great when grilled or pan-fried.

  • Sirloin

This cut is  also usually very lean and tender. It’s often sealed with a layer of fat, thus locking in the juices (at the cost of a few calories). This characteristic also separates it from flite cuts. When cooked, the fat melts and becomes both incredibly juicy and delicious.

  • Rib Eye

This cut is derived from the ribs – who would’a thought!?  Some prefer with the steak “bone-in” and others prefer it without. Keep in mind that the absence or existence of the bone will influence both the taste and cooking properties of the steak.  This cut is also known as Market Steak, Scotch Fillet, or Delmonico steak in some locations. In fact, there are plenty of humorous names for this delicious cut.  Normally, the cut is marbled with fat throughout the meat.

  • Porterhouse & T-bone

Both cuts are usually prepared in the same manner. The only difference is that Porterhouse is cut from the back and also has more tenderloin than T-bone. In any case, they can be cooked, fried or grilled. They are often sold at similar prices.

  • Rump Steak

This cut is usually gotten from the hindquarters of the beef. It’s also known to be very lean. It can be grilled, cooked or fried.

These are some of the common cuts of steaks out there. For the adventurous among you, ask your local butcher for suggestions. The friendly staff at Farmer’s Fresh Meats would be delighted to advise you on these or any style of cut.

  • There’s Always Personal Preference

When choosing steak, you need to consider your own taste. Do you like lean or fattier steaks? Salty or tender?In most cases, the tender steaks are more desirable (and expensive).  You can also try lean steaks or the highly marbled ones. It’s truly up to you!

  • Ask Your Local Houston Meat Market Questions

Be open to learning about the cut and even origin of the beef when you visit the Houston meat market. You can get that information right from the butcher. A good butcher shop is a valuable asset, and the best butcher shops are the ones that are happy to answer questions and share their years of insight.  Topics like the best cuts, cooking techniques. or even types of cows, are all fair game. He or she will also help you make the right choice of steak – you only need to ask. Keep that in mind, and your nest visit to a meat market in Houston is going to be a special one.

  • Steaks Show their True Colors

The color of the steak you wish to purchase is very important. Normally the color should be a warm red. This is a great indicator of the meat’s freshness. Also, the firmness, or squishiness, of the steak may help indicate this. As a rule of thumb, the best stakes are soft to the touch when raw. Always bear this in mind when you visit the Houston meat market.

Indeed, you’ll end up making the right choice of steak when you follow the tips discussed above. Nevertheless, you will always get the best of steaks when you deal with the right butcher shop. Farmer’s Fresh Meat, your local Houston meat market, remains a great place to visit when looking for the best steaks. Come give us a visit – we’d be delighted to help!

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