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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday: 7:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am – 4:00pm

 Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Cullen
8630 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77051

 Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Mesa
9541 Mesa Dr. Houston, TX 77078


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People Love Farmer's Fresh Meat

  • Awesome prices! Always willing to help and fresh quality meat.

    Trina M. Avatar

    Trina M.

    This is where, I purchase all my meats from for my family in Louisiana and Texas GREAT customer service..�����Love it !!!

    Tia S. Avatar

    Tia S.

    Fast friendly service...great price also...great place to get that 4th july meat for BBQ..

    Kenneth G. Avatar

    Kenneth G.

    Freshest meat in town.. love the people environment the food is just delicious

    Rodrick C. Avatar

    Rodrick C.

  • I love your prices and the wonderful service! I purchased streaks, chicken, ox trails. Pig feet and ribs today. I appreciate the fact that you cut everything up to my liking especially the chicken wings! The sweet rub that you recommended smells great! I added some... read more

    Anastasia K. Avatar

    Anastasia K.

    Awesome tender meat, you won't be disappointed, price is fair. The meat was a big hit at our party

    Ruben S. Avatar

    Ruben S.

    Great meat good prices ! Would recommend to anyone!

    Lopez L. Avatar

    Lopez L.

    This a very good place. The people who work there are very nice and always want to help. .. Don't take my word for it go and see for yourself. ...

    Raul C. Avatar

    Raul C.

  • This is the best meat market. Great customer service, clean, fresh meat, you can get everything you need to feed your family at a great price!! I really love coming to this place I drive 40 min each time just to come here!! Great job guys!! ��

    Adrienne C. Avatar

    Adrienne C.

    We have been traveling from El Campo, Texas monthly just to receive the package deals! Their meat quality and selection is a plus for me! This would come in handy for my twins 7th bday on July 6th!

    Christina B. Avatar

    Christina B.

    Love the quality of meat and the fast and friendly service....oh and the awesome prices!!!! I drive all the way from Westchase area and it's worth the drive. �

    Tabitha W. Avatar

    Tabitha W.

    What I like about the food at Farmer's Fresh Market is that the portions are generous, the food is good, and the price is reasonable. However, even more than that is the fact that I have never went there and not been treated as nice as possible. From the meat... read more

    Renita W. Avatar

    Renita W.

  • What I love about farmers are they employees if I say split my chicken breast 4 times or cut my legs quarters that's what I get... There respectful and no matter if I have $500 or $5 they carry my bags to the car....

    Rachell R. Avatar

    Rachell R.

    I walked in the Farmer's Fresh Meat Place on Mesa Rd and j can truly say that was a Beautiful, professional, great place. The people working are on point and meat was fresh. Prices are great too. I am so glad that they decided to put a place that is... read more

    Tara B. Avatar

    Tara B.

    The food and service is always exemplary. I drive from Clear Lake once a month to stock up. Love this place!

    Renita W. Avatar

    Renita W.

    Love it I can't wait to go back and get more. This is a great place to get meat

    Kennie A. Avatar

    Kennie A.

  • I love Farmer's Fresh Meats their prices are reasonable their meat is fresh & the hot plates are delicious!!! I ❤the breakfast the most!

    Margaret T. Avatar

    Margaret T.

    Friendly service, great cuts of meat and clean. Oh, and the hot plates are good too.

    Tamika T. Avatar

    Tamika T.

    Go to the Mesa location frequently love the customer service and the quality!!

    Amanda M. Avatar

    Amanda M.

    Best prices and quality in the entire Houston area

    Jesus P. Avatar

    Jesus P.

  • I love the prices,the quality of the meat and the friendliness of the employees!!!!

    Lynn B. Avatar

    Lynn B.

    Best meat market ever good food fresh meat all the time love it

    Lawan C. Avatar

    Lawan C.

    I never seen a meat market like Farmer's Meat Market in my life. Continue to be a blessing to others.

    Christina W. Avatar

    Christina W.

    Very nice place to buy your meats. Very clean and everyone is so nice and pleasant. I go back every month.

    Danielle C. Avatar

    Danielle C.

  • Awesome Food Great Price!!!!

    I eat here at least twice a week and I can tell you it's worth the drive from Richmond. Although I'm really angry they didn't have cabbage today the green beans were a Good substitute. The oxtails fall off the bone and the sweet potatoes practically melts...
    read more

    Shay P. Avatar

    Shay P.

    The food is always fresh here, the hot plates are even better!!!! The drive from friendswood is totally worth it !!!!

    Shawna C. Avatar

    Shawna C.

    I love their oxtail they are so full of meat. The meat is tender and seasoned to the bone yes to the bone and don't me on that gravy....

    Toni G. Avatar

    Toni G.

    OMG, if you looking for a Sunday dinner or even a morning breakfast this is the place for the amount of food that's given to you and the seasoning that's use. You know that Slap your Mama seasoning well I call it (hashtag###Sleep Tight On Farmers Seasoning) if I... read more

    Gwendolyn B. Avatar

    Gwendolyn B.

  • Best Ox tails Ever!!! Best plates!!! Go and get you one won't be disappointed.

    Mayra G. Avatar

    Mayra G.

    I absolutely looooove this meat market� I drive all the way from the north side for their and customer service is always GREAT��

    Shacola L. Avatar

    Shacola L.


    Angela B. Avatar

    Angela B.

    My first time ever going today customer service was absolutely fantastic! We were helped by Donald he was awesome and the prices and product was a plus! This is my new go to meat place.

    Loreal S. Avatar

    Loreal S.

  • The food was so good, especially those yams! Reasonably priced and you definitely get your money worth. The staff was so friendly and nice. This is my number 1 soul food place and fresh meat market!!

    Faye G. Avatar

    Faye G.

    I have been going here for awhile and I drive a distance just to come here. I have never been disappointed. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. And the meat is wonderful. Thank you!!

    Dana H. Avatar

    Dana H.

    I've been watching Farmer's Fresh on FB for a while now, but haven't been in the neighborhood until today. The pics on the posts don't do it justice. Everything is visibly fresh. The prices are awesome, and the prepared pork chops at the lunch counter are amazing. I will be... read more

    Aaron B. Avatar

    Aaron B.

    The staff is so friendly and courteous As soon you walk in you're greeted They have the best candid yams. The server are wonderful they are also very friendly and courteous and checking very courteous

    Beverly G. Avatar

    Beverly G.

  • Love this meat market. Great quality in meats and prices too. Always been greeted with respect too. Always helped to the car with our order. Try them once.

    Melanie L. Avatar

    Melanie L.

    Best meat in town. Best prices in town. Hot plate lunches have the most food you've even seen.

    Kay S. Avatar

    Kay S.

    Love it! Nice, friendly people! Meat is always fresh. Place is always clean!

    Anesia W. Avatar

    Anesia W.

    Excellent quality and great price they even allow me to call my large orders in over the phone and will have ready for pickup by the time I arrive.. Oh I can't forget the cooked hot food is also off the chain...

    Daimonique H. Avatar

    Daimonique H.

  • The food and Service is absolutely amazing! I would recommend this place of business to everyone that I know.

    Walker T. Avatar

    Walker T.

    Great food! Well worth the drive. Drove all the way from Willis Texas

    Toni L. Avatar

    Toni L.

    They're the best just simple as that everyone else food b yellowish you'll never see that there trust me

    Willie G. Avatar

    Willie G.

    Love the meat the best in Town got the wings tirkey,and chicken

    Vanessa T. Avatar

    Vanessa T.


    LeVell G. Avatar

    LeVell G.

    Can't complain, good prices, fresh meat and service

    Redd S. Avatar

    Redd S.

    I have only been there (Mesa location) a few times but when I did go the service from the staff was superb. They were nice, friendly and very thorough with my meat orders. They even took my bags to the car. And OMG the prices and quality of the meat.... read more

    Imelia J. Avatar

    Imelia J.

    This a good place and great price and the hot food is good and will be returning soon

    Lequitta W. Avatar

    Lequitta W.

  • Always nice and clean when I go. The staff is super friendly and the meat cutters are the best.

    Gwen S. Avatar

    Gwen S.

    Love Everything About This Place, Great Customer Service, Fast Checkout And I Love The Hot Plate Area Beef Tips Are Amazing

    Deborah D. Avatar

    Deborah D.

    The hot food is delicious... And the meats are always FRESH thanks for coming to the North Side!!!!

    Brandolyn S. Avatar

    Brandolyn S.

    Always a great experience. Clean and friendly! Nothing but the best . . . truly the last butcher shop that will take specialty in your cuts. Just the way you like! The hot table is lit too! Thanks @farmersfreshmeat you never disappoint.

    Marissa T. Avatar

    Marissa T.

  • Thank you Farmer's Fresh Meat for always going the extra mile!!! Great prices and superior customer service!! If you are in the area, please stop by and shop with Farmer's Fresh Meat!!! #finallyjohnson2017

    Brittany S. Avatar

    Brittany S.

    Money made let's see what these Philly cheese steak do tomorrow

    Kathy B. Avatar

    Kathy B.

    How much for chicken wings cases??????????????????

    Dana A. Avatar

    Dana A.

    A real #Breakfast & the best yams ive tasted EVER!

    Kay L. Avatar

    Kay L.

  • Fresh is the word.

    It 's like going out on the farm.


    Wallace J. Avatar

    Wallace J.

    Clean, wonderful service every time, good prices, excellent quality.

    Nikki S. Avatar

    Nikki S.

    I have ordered food from here, it is always delicious. The meat is priced well. I have tried the sausages and boudin, not too bad either but not as spicy as I prefer.

    J N. Avatar

    J N.

    Stopped in here today a bought a bunch of stuff, the people where very friendly and helpful specially Mark�� I didn't get the other guys name that cut my Tomahawk Ribeye (can't wait for Sunday to grill this bad boy up) but he was awesome too! Will definitely be back!... read more

    David F. Avatar

    David F.