Farmer’s specializes in the processing of beef, chicken, pork, goat, lamb, deer, and wild game. None of our red meat is boxed. Our red meat are all Texas farm raised cattle delivered to our store front every week. All of our meat products are hormone and preservative free.

Specialty Products:

Farmer’s has a number of specialty products that are exclusive to Farmer’s Fresh Meat. We have our very own Farmer’s Pork n’ Beef Smoked Sausage, beef smoked sausage, deer smoked sausage, jalapeno n’ cheese smoked sausage. We also make our own pork boudin (mild and hot), beef boudin, and crawfish boudin. Farmer’s takes pride in developing its own brand of southern comfort foods such as our stuffed pork chops, stuffed boneless pork roast, stuffed boneless chicken breast, and stuffed cornish hen.

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