• 5 star ratingEverything Is Excellent!!
    And their personal pies is The Best
    Sweet Potato n Chocolate

    Laura C. Avatar
    Laura C.

    5 star ratingSimply the best customer service in town. I follow the sales on Facebook and stock up the sale and get a couple of things for that week as well. The door is opened with a smile. Meats are cut to order. I get 1" thick cuts of center cut chops and nowhere else will cut them thick for me. They carry the items to the register and then loaded it in your vehicle. Everyone smiles. It's an old school neighborhood butcher done right and it's an absolute pleasure to drive there. Worth the drive from Pearland.

    Nancy C. Avatar
    Nancy C.

    5 star ratingBest meat I have found in town and best price for prime! The service was exceptional by Nate and his brother. Solid guys with a wealth of knowledge. I like to dry age my beef so it's extremely important that the meat be clean and well handled. They hit the mark.

    Gill P. Avatar
    Gill P.

    5 star ratingI have been hearing about this place for the last couple of months. On a few occasions, I happen to be present when their food was used to feed groups. Every time I'd comment about how good the food was, they'd mention Farmer's Fresh. So, on my to take a part to my Lawnmower Mechanic, I just happen to pass it. I told myself, when I finish up with my mechanic, I'll double back and try them out for lunch. Upon entering I was greeted with hellos and a smile from both cashiers. Got through the line pretty quick. Once at the cashier, she asked if I found everything ok? They were both very pleasant. I will be back to try other offerings on their menu.

    James W. Avatar
    James W.
  • 5 star ratingI've been eyeing this meat market for a while now. Finally got an opportunity to check em out. I stopped by after work on a Friday and it was pretty busy. Thankfully, there's plenty of people to help you with your meat selection and they get thru the numbers quickly. They carry a variety of cuts as well as summer sausage, sausages, chicken, etc. I got my bone in rib eye cut to my linking....pictures included. You can buy hot meals here as well, and although I didn't try anything, I could smell it! Imagine the smell of home cooked food while buying your meat lol. From the butcher to the cashier everyone was friendly during my visit and I foresee myself returning sooner than later.

    DeWayne M. Avatar
    DeWayne M.

    5 star ratingI got oxtails, rice, greens, black eyed peas, two slices of cornbread and a drink for $13.79. The portion size was huge. I was able to eat two full meals off of this plate. Everything was flavorful. Hit the spot! I also added in a brownie. It was soft and moist. They oxtails were falling off of the bone. The greens had a little kick to them and the black eyed peas were perfect. I'm definitely coming back. There is a parking lot in front of the establishment. They sale all sorts of meat by the pound at a reasonable price.

    DaShawn T. Avatar
    DaShawn T.

    5 star ratingToday my breakfast order was NOT up to par as it usually is...and I called in. Ms. Kim made things ALLL better!!! Thank you so much ma'am. I'll see y'all real soon!!!

    Bee C. Avatar
    Bee C.

    5 star ratingEver since we stumbled upon this place, this is the only butcher my fiance gets his meat from! They have a great selection at the best prices. My favorite is the chicken boudin- we'll often stock up and throw them in the freezer. Then on the weekends, we'll cook them with eggs on the side. Easy and delicious breakfast! The staff is super nice and will even take your goods to your car!

    Lien B. Avatar
    Lien B.
  • 5 star ratingGreat meat market have gone twice for different items, and purchased some of those tea cakes which are delish

    Galand S. Avatar
    Galand S.

    5 star ratingThey have a DELICIOUS menu of hot and ready food all for around $10 or less. Everything from meatloaf, to beef tips, to smothered pork chops. Plus you get a drink and sides as well. A must try!

    T H. Avatar
    T H.

    5 star ratingI've been patronizing Farmer's for 2 years and EVERY TIME the customer service is excellent! From the manager, butchers, hot line servers, and cashiers!!
    Hot food: it's always good!
    Oxtails - omgoodness finger licking good!
    Smothered pork chops - delicious!
    Pig feet - just yummy!
    Greens - good
    Yams - taste like big mama back there whippin' the yams up (very good)
    Meat: can't go wrong, my favorite butcher is Russell (I think he's been there the entire 3 years I've been going)...

    Apples L. Avatar
    Apples L.

    5 star ratingAward winning service 5 people ask me if i needed help. They carry your groceries to car .gracias

    Rudy R. Avatar
    Rudy R.
  • 5 star ratingWhat a great place with amazing service. Prices are good and you can find items that are not available at local grocery store meat counters. Seven steaks... really!? Haven't seen those since I was a kid.

    Keith M. Avatar
    Keith M.

    5 star ratingFirst-time and I will return! Great customer service. Very helpful and knowledgable. Lots of cuts of poultry, beef and sausages.

    Wellesley R. Avatar
    Wellesley R.

    5 star ratingSo for a pre holiday dinner with the family I decided to do philly cheese sliders... 3 round steaks sliced to perfection... Thin and perfect which made the best home cooked Philly sliders... Once again this meat market did not disappoint... You can only depend on a good meat market to recommend the perfect steak type and cut to meet your recipe needs... Price point and quality was on point as well... Follow them on facebook to see weekly specials...

    Mi A. Avatar
    Mi A.

    5 star ratingThis place serves up some hot fresh soul food...I'm talking oxtails, beef tips, smothered porkchops...the list goes on! You may have clogged arteries...so this can't be a regular thing. But you definitely get value...around $10 for a meat and two sides (they load you up to where it is truly two meals), corn bread, and a fountain drink. Yep...all that. It is designed to where you order in a line and pay at the cashier...and take it straight to go. There is no place to sit. They also butcher and sell fresh meat items, including boudin and fresh made sausage. It's in the middle of sunnyside, where my dad grew up. But that's just to tell you it's not a fancy area. But you're in and out...you'll be fine.

    Arlene G. Avatar
    Arlene G.
  • 5 star ratingWe stopped by today for the first time and we will be back again and again! Let me start by saying the associates are super friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, and the store is organized and very clean. The quality of meat is outstanding and the pricing is great! We went to purchase prime Tomahawk Steaks, but we were amazed by the oxtails, short ribs and lamb chops so we purchased those in addition to the Tomahawks. The only reason we didn't purchase more is that I knew we were not going to have enough room in the freezer lol. They also have a to go counter with prepared meals and lunch plates, we didn't try that today but it must be damn good because the line was all the way to the entrance of the store! They insist to carry out your purchases- the customer service is old school and really classy.

    Bryan E. Avatar
    Bryan E.

    5 star ratingThis is a hidden gem! Make it your business visit and see for yourself. Not only do they sell fresh meat and poultry, they also serve prepared food that is absolutely wonderful. The portions are huge. The food is seasoned, flavorful and cooked to perfection. You won't be disappointed. p.s.: Make sure you grab some teacakes on your way out.

    Shannon V. Avatar
    Shannon V.

    5 star ratingLove this place!!! great food and customer service! I come here alot and have never had a bad experience. Their hot lunch is delicious. The lines do get pretty long so come early but defiantly worth the wait!

    B H. Avatar
    B H.

    5 star ratingMy goodness! This soul food was outstanding! The servers were all personable, polite, courteous and fun. The line was long, but worth the wait...

    Loretta I. Avatar
    Loretta I.
  • 5 star ratingYES, please take my money!

    I can't recommend this place enough. If you're willing to go into the neighborhood (it's a little rough), you'll be rewarded with the best meat shop in the Houston area. They have video of the cows being alive two days ago, only to be chopped up and sold at incredible prices for your convenience. The same meat that you'll pay at least 3 to 4 times the amount in a fine steakhouse is available here.

    The lines get long, especially around the 1st of the month as they offer family packages, so plan ahead. We walked out with tomahawk longbones, choice cut roasts, and porterhouse steaks for under $100. I feel like I might go my entire life and never run across a butcher of this caliber again.

    David S. Avatar
    David S.

    5 star ratingI can't think of anything bad to say about this place, the meat looked fresh and it didn't smell like raw meat. I got a dinner plate w/ smothered pork chops rice/gravy, green beans and mac/cheese. Everything was seasoned perfectly the meat was tender n the gravy was the right consistency...Customer Service was everything!!! I will definitely be going back, I want to try the breakfast.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.

    5 star ratingThis place is a diamond in the ruff! The service is always fast and the staff is super courteous! The meat is always fresh and they will cut and package it to your liking. I havent tried the hot deli food yet however, I'm looking forward to trying it because, it always looks and smells wonderful! Btw, follow them on Facebook to receive post about their weekly specials...which are always AWESOME!

    Janice P. Avatar
    Janice P.

    5 star ratingI've been to a lot of meat markets, but Farmer's Fresh Meat Market is the best that Houston has to offer. Considering how big this city is, that is a major compliment. On top of the very reasonable prices, they also serve Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner and the food better than most restaurants. Love this place!! Sunnyside

    Larry W. Avatar
    Larry W.
  • 5 star ratingI tried their hot food for the first time today. The food exceeded my expectations.It was freshly prepared and seasoned to perfection. The meat was so tender it literally fell off the bone. I was extremely satisfied with my order.

    Winderlyne G. Avatar
    Winderlyne G.

    5 star ratingI am a total regular here. They post the Mon-Sat sales on Facebook if you follow their page. I've ordered the turkey wings, chicken leg quarters, smoked turkey neck, hog head cheese (don't judge - I live in the burbs, but I came from the hood. Pass the crackers), the chicken pan sausage, ground turkey, ground beef and chicken legs. Every time I visit, the service is excellent, the staff is very friendly. Oh! And their variety of seasonings is the BOMB! I have stocked up on things I haven't seen elsewhere. And I never spend more than $35 but walk out with at least 2 weeks worth of meat. WINNER ALL DAY!

    Trina M. Avatar
    Trina M.

    5 star ratingI come here once a week to buy meat in bulk.

    The area it's located in might be a little rough, but believe it's definitely worth the drive. The inside is a little smaller compared to other meat markets down the street, but the customer service is above & beyond!! Usually if you have not been helped there will be someone who will immediately greet you and ask if you have been helped.

    The meat prices here can either be decent or extremely cheap depending on what you buy. I usually buy in bulk 30lb cases of meat once a week.

    If you don't really want to wait too long, they have an online website you can pay and place an order! If I'm buying in bulk I'll order the cases of meat online & pay. All you need to do is come there with a picture or printed paper with your order number/receipt. Then afterwards I'll buy the smaller orders of meat separately like a few links of boudin or a few lbs turkey legs etc etc.

    The people who work here are great! I come here so often they even remember who I am now. If you're buying meat in bulk (the 30lb cases) someone will assist you and help bring your meat to your car and load it for you. I don't know what else I can say about that, it's above & beyond service. Thumbs up!

    Douglas V. Avatar
    Douglas V.

    5 star ratingI'm happy to say I continue to get the same great service... For the last few years I shop here weekly for my clients and we are always happy with the selection. It's a meat market galore.. You can find almost anything you looking for and can buy in bulk. 1st off pull a number because you will be helped by 1st come basis. They have great weekly deals & there prices are good.

    This store is clean and the employees are very friendly, helpful & they go above & beyond. Customer service is everything here. I always purchase in bulked & the staff loads all my items at the register & load them into my vehicle. I highly recommend this market. They also sell cooked food which is pretty damn good..

    OK, this place is not in the suburbs & I'm leaving it at that. Just pay attention to your surroundings

    Felicia B. Avatar
    Felicia B.
  • 5 star ratingThis is hands down the best place for fresh meat and great hotplates at extremely reasonable prices! Try their oxtails with homemade gravy and greens!! I'll drive 30 minutes to get food from them anyday!!

    Laydee T. Avatar
    Laydee T.

    5 star ratingOne of my favorite places in the neighborhood. Always great food, selection, and service is beyond expectation. I come here every so often and order from the prepared foods area. I've also bought smoked turkey necks for my mom. Everyone I've ever brought here has a pleasant experience. Try them out.

    Laurel E. Avatar
    Laurel E.

    5 star ratingGreat prices on meat! I think best in Houston! Customer service is awesome and although neighborhood looks rough, the people are very friendly

    Jeffndonna M. Avatar
    Jeffndonna M.

    5 star ratingGreat selection. Price is good. Service is excellent. They offer you different cuts depending on what you want to do with the meat. Do note their lamb and turkey beck runs out fast!
    I'm here to get meats for my fog's raw diet and they got a great selection!

    yinmeng y. Avatar
    yinmeng y.
  • 5 star ratingI must say, I love Farmer's Fresh Meat. I'm from the Midwest and used to butchers, meat markets, and "fresh markets". This reminds me of home. Nice selection of meats at pretty decent prices. This is a butcher shop, so you can get your meat cut down anyway you want, which I love.
    The store is clean, but packed on Saturdays. You won't, however, be waiting long. There are several butchers working taking and filling orders and they get through the numbers pretty quickly. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They do carry-outs to the car, so don't worry bout lifting heavy stuff or trying to juggle a bunch of bags.

    They have a pretty good selection of meats, make their own sausage, and have different family pack meals (a mix of so many pounds of different meats which include beans and/or rice)- which are a good bargain. Also, you can buy items by the case.

    There is plenty of parking in the lot across the street, but be careful its riddled with holes and broken glass. I definitely wouldn't come here at night as the neighbourhood is less than Kosher, but during the day its perfect.

    My favourite part is they have a small cooked food section where everything is smothered.
    And dear Lord, its ALL good. Honestly, sometimes I come here just for the cooked food.And its a good 20-30 minute drive for me. I mainly come for the oxtails, but I've had the pig feet and hamhocks. They do not punk you on the portions and rice is NOT part of your two sides. Its meat, rice, PLUS two sides, cornbread, and a drink (if getting the meal). If not getting the meal rice is still included with the meat only dish. They won me over with the inclusion of rice (apparently I have low standards).

    I've been to several butcher shops here, but I must say Farmers Fresh Meat, keeps me coming back and coming back.

    Tip - join their facebook page. They post their sales and specials on their page.

    Kimberly K. Avatar
    Kimberly K.

    5 star ratingI went for the first time to this market after seeing people posting about it on Facebook. They ave weekly deals that are amazing. The entire staff are super friendly and helpful. You can watch for their weekly specials on Facebook. I will probably get all of my meat including the raw food I feed my two German shepherds from here from now on.
    As for the location, it's super easy to get to off of the 610 loop. I don't know why people think they are going to have a problem driving into a predominately black neighborhood. Everyone I've met while here have been great.

    Melinda L. Avatar
    Melinda L.

    5 star ratingI came here because I heard great things from reviews on Yelp and Facebook, and I thought I would give this place a try. I'm really glad I did, because the experience was very positive!

    The butchers here are all very knowledgable and helpful. They gave me great recommendations of cuts for different dishes, and explained a little about the meat boxes deals which all come with some free items. They also gave me a little background on where the meat comes from, and the butcher I worked with was very friendly and personable.

    Location wise, it's not an ideal neighborhood to drive or walk through, and the commute from the inner loop would be bad during peak traffic times. There is also little parking, and while the lot next door is open, it would be easy to see your car getting scratched up there. It's a very clean interior though. The inside is well organized, and the stations and prep areas are handled with good hygiene.

    Of course the most positive thing about this market is the price of meat! For $75, I walked out with a cut of brisket, loin of pork, a bag of chicken legs, another of chicken breast, a stack of ribs, five steaks, and pork sausage! A great little diamond in the rough, and in me they have another person added to their long list of loyal customers!

    Jonathan C. Avatar
    Jonathan C.

    5 star ratingI have nothing but good things to say about this lil ole meat market.. I went on a saturday afternoon very busy and you're to take a number and wait till called. THE wait wasnt too long and I got the weekday meat pack with includes 3lbs ground meat 3 lbs smoked sausage 5lbs neck bones with I swapped for turkey wings @ no extra charge 5lbs turkey necks and 5lbs leg quarters and an free 5lb bag potatoes an 6pk soda. The guy who served me was very nice and even brung my order to the counter and carried it out to my car great service will definitely be back maybe on a less busy day to get more meat.

    Lakosha S. Avatar
    Lakosha S.
  • 5 star ratingI'm loving their really low prices and service provided! They are considerate of us who have larger families with minimal income! I'm glad they came to the neighborhood!

    Mishka B. Avatar
    Mishka B.

    5 star ratingGreat quality and price! I love cooking, and since discovering this Houston meat market, I've started getting my meat here instead of the grocery stores closer to where I live. There is a noticeable difference in the meat's texture and flavor - definitely fresher, juicier, and more forgiving to cook with (even the steak I overdid ended up delicious). They'll also season/marinade your cuts upon request, which is an awesome timesaver.

    The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and on my last visit was even able to help me with my less-than-conventional request for marrow bones.

    Worth the visit for meat that actually tastes how meat is supposed to. Oh, and oxtails from the kitchen. Get the oxtails!!

    S B. Avatar
    S B.

    5 star ratingFor a meat market, this place is so clean, organized, and well priced that I can't see myself going anywhere else for my poultry needs. They offer so many different packages for cost savings. For a griller like myself, this is home!

    Arlyn S. Avatar
    Arlyn S.

    5 star ratingGood soul food in the back and don't cost a lot good service also. They have a great selection of fresh meats I don't eat pork and they have the best beef boudin ever.

    Rachel K. Avatar
    Rachel K.
  • Food was fresh, delicious, and well seasoned will definitely be going back here soon but both locations are good but this one is bigger and cleaner in my opinion. The women who made my plates to the cashier everything was amazing to me. I drove from Katy to this spot and it was well worth every penny. When I go back I'm definitely getting some fresh meat as well. First plate was a vegetable plate with mustard greens, cabbage and mac and cheese, second plate was beef tips and rice candied yams and mac and cheese and the third plate was oxtails rice and gravy candied yams and black eyed peas. The food reminds me of my hometown in Alabama

    Rick S. Avatar
    Rick S.

    It's so wonderful to have a meat market close to you with great specials each week. Don't want to forget the great meals they have (especially the oxtails and smothered pork chops). Great job!!

    Patricia B. Avatar
    Patricia B.

    The staff is always friendly. The service at the meat counter is always fast. And i will never buy burger or any other meats a supermarket again.The difference is amazing By far the greatest catering people I have ever worked with. The food is fresh, delicious and everyone that works with you

    Nehemiah C. Avatar
    Nehemiah C.

    I love this place. I work in the area and happened upon this place. I am so happy that the families in the community have this type of access. The value is AMAZING, the facility is clean, the service was exceptional. I have been talking about this place to all of my co-workers. Can't wait to bring my family to experience the market! I wish your establishment endless sucesss!
    Conswella Blow

    Conswella B. Avatar
    Conswella B.
  • Farmers Fresh Meat is always a WONDERFUL shopping experience. I love their presence in this community. Everyone has a great spirit and very helpful. The store is always clean. The gentlemen behind the meat counters are so polite and attentive. I love the fact that you can really tell that they love where work. I tell everyone I know great things about Farmers Fresh Meat. Thank you for investing in this community. I will always be a supporter‼️👍🏾😀

    Regina M. Avatar
    Regina M.

    Love This Meat Market Been Coming For Years And Haven’t Had Not One Problem !! There Hot Plates Are The Absolute Best !! Can’t Be Imitated ..... Beautiful Healthy Meat Great Seasoning Options .... Friendly Employees Fast Paced, Very Clean Also Very Accommodating As far as switching meat pack items for other meat items, the particular cut of the meat etc. I love them and they are only meat market I come to .

    Chiqita T. Avatar
    Chiqita T.

    Very friendly staff and great comfy food. My first time there n look forward coming back!!! The fresh meat market is awesome.

    Aundra B. Avatar
    Aundra B.

    They may look ghetto if you not used to being in the hood, but they are very kind folks. They speak to you as soon as you walk though the doors and they greet you on the way out. The cashier's are going to make sure that you hear them when they speak. The meat selection is great too. They have everything that you could possibly be looking for. They also have a small kitchen where they serve up hot food. Its good especially if you're a soul food lover. This is the place for cheap meats. Eats and treats.

    jacqueline T. Avatar
    jacqueline T.
  • 5 star ratingThis place has the BEST SOUL FOOD! I visit Farmer's Fresh Meat at least once or twice a week. I've tried the oxtails, fried pork chops, smothered pork chops, baked chicken, cabbage, mac & cheese, black eyed peas, yams, pinto beans and corn bread...EVERYTHING is seasoned & cooked PERFECT! The portions are huge, each plate is enough for 2-3 meals. The staff is always super friendly & the place is very clean.

    Shawn T. Avatar
    Shawn T.

    5 star ratingFood should not be this good! Let me say AMAZING. Soul food at its finest. Must must must try.

    Jody S. Avatar
    Jody S.

    5 star ratingJust started going to this place and I must say that the meat market prices are great. The hott food is great Ive been here 3x this week. Great weekly sales

    Lyshawn H. Avatar
    Lyshawn H.

    5 star ratingAmazing food, amazing meat, amazing people! I feel at home every time I come here. The message system y'all use to let us know when there is a sale is innovative and useful. The meat here is without a doubt quality, and the food is phenomenal! True Texas style, this place reminds me of the way I ate at family gatherings as a kid. I'm lucky to live so close and have this place in my community.

    Nikayla R. Avatar
    Nikayla R.
  • 5 star ratingSuper clean and extremely professional and nice. When I tell you the customer service was top of the line...it was above and beyond great. Prices are very reasonable and the food from the stream table was amazing. And that corn bread was some next level shit!!! I'm going back

    Nicole L. Avatar
    Nicole L.

    5 star ratingWell what can I say they have excellent customer service. If you sign up for their text messages you will get great deals. Also their hot plate area was very interesting I got the beef tips with rice and two sides cornbread with a fountain drink all for $11.99 so let's just say I was very impressed I also loved their cornbread and I don't everyone cornbread.

    Arnita L. Avatar
    Arnita L.

    5 star ratingOk so I'm going to say I love this place. The plates from the steam table comes with a drink, cornbread, rice, two sides and meat. My first visit I got oxtails and they were seasoned well, the cabbage was just right, not to soft, and the Mac and cheese was good and I am very particular about Mac and cheese. I saw they had pig feet so the next visit I got them and oh did it remind me of my mother rest her soul. I hadn't had pig feet since I was a teenager.
    The staff is friendly and service is quick. They give you enough food on your plate for two people.
    The meats looks fresh so I can't wait to purchase some to cook.

    Frankie H. Avatar
    Frankie H.

    5 star ratingThis place is awesome. From the steam table to the meat packages. I fo here daily. I am in love with their breakfast and lunch meals. I am a hard critic in the kitchen. But, their food is seasoned perfectly. Every time I order my baked chicken the meat is falling off the bone. I will continue to eat here. The service is great.

    Cornelius S. Avatar
    Cornelius S.
  • 5 star ratingThe wife and I go here all the time. We went in today for some fresh meat and decided to order a couple of cheese burgers. After a 30 minute wait, they bring out an ice cold cheese burger. Now one was hot and fresh....the other one, not so much. They then offer to make a new one which would take another half hour... (I'm assuming since that's how long it took for the first round.) We will NEVER order hot food again and may not be back period since they tried to make it like the burger was ok.....

    The manager contacted me within an hour of my review (1 Star). His apology was sincere. I did give them a second chance and am glad that I did. I ordered their fried chicken. Let me just say that I will no longer get my fried chicken ANYWHERE else. It was tender, juicy and well seasoned. Well done Farmers Fresh!!

    Stacey T. Avatar
    Stacey T.

    Very fresh meat... All employees are very nice and helpful... 10 stars.. wonderful customers services

    Shangail L. Avatar
    Shangail L.

    Need more stars for ratings. This place is clean, employees are helpful and fast. The meat selection very well prepared and the HOT PLATES, OMG! They give you so much food on the hot plates. I love this place!

    Shiwana F. Avatar
    Shiwana F.

    5 star ratingWent here for lunch and was pleasantly surprised. Portions are large, service is friendly (gave us a free cookie while we waited in line). Prices are more than fair. Talked to the staff the owners are originally from New Orleans.

    Going to buy some of tomohawk steaks, meat prices are competitive.

    Edwin M. Avatar
    Edwin M.
  • Great prices, friendly service. Worth the drive at 5pm on a Friday before a holiday. Will definitely be back.

    Michael Avatar

    Wonderful customer service. Great prices. Definitely will be returning

    Alyse A. Avatar
    Alyse A.

    5 star ratingGreat food but it would have been a good idea go have cooked chitterlings on New Year's Eve. JS

    Marcia Q. Avatar
    Marcia Q.

    5 star ratingI have nothing but great things to say. I will leave all of my meal suggestions in the tips. The portions are ginormous and no meal costs more than $14. The lunch and dinner options are to die for, and everything is obviously fresh. The lunch rush can be heavy so try to get there as soon as lunch is out. The breakfast gives you a Big Bang for your buck as well. I have all of my friends going here.

    Robyn H. Avatar
    Robyn H.
  • I will be going back to try something else, cause the oxtail meal that I got was just wonderful, if you are looking for some good home cooked meal you need to go try it. 👍👍👍👍👍

    louella A. Avatar
    louella A.

    5 star ratingIf I could give this place 10 stars I absolutely would! They have theeeee BEST customer service I have ever experienced! From the minute we walked in, we felt like we were with family. Which is definitely not what you expect from a meat market. The gentleman that helped us was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He was the sweetest human being, and he completely made my day. All the staff is amazing from the butchers to the cashiers. I bought at least a month worth of meat but I will forsure find whatever reason to come back here before then! This is not your average meat market. Exceptional quality mean, outstanding customer service, can't say enough good things. Looking for meat, get it here!

    Maria C. Avatar
    Maria C.

    It was a very pleasant one. The employees are courteous n respectful. I will continue to go there for our meats.

    Mary G. Avatar
    Mary G.

    5 star ratingI have been here twice for their bulk order of raw turkey necks. Best prices I've found anywhere, and their customer service is amazing. Really nice people, and really great prices!

    Nancy G. Avatar
    Nancy G.
  • I would agree that it was a wonderful shopping experience. Staff are very friendly and hands on. Store is clean and prices are reasonable. It is a little far from me...pls put a location on the NW side....it is well needed!

    roberta r. Avatar
    roberta r.

    Guys behind the counter is very friendly and is always willing to help you. All staff is friendly. I will return for more shopping. The prices are very reasonable.

    Christina A. Avatar
    Christina A.

    Good selection & a hot line oxtails, cabbage plated to eat right out the store. CLEAN & SMELL GOOD IN STORE

    Victor B. Avatar
    Victor B.

    Great service and gooooood food for a reasonable price. The store is spacious, clean, and easy to navigate. Very impressed in the fact that it reflects the community.

    ecnerwalsnibor1 Avatar
  • Delicious home cooked hot breakfast and lunch... as well as well as family meat packages available. Staff is always fast and friendly....great neighborhood store...

    J. L. Avatar
    J. L.

    5 star ratingThe customer service your knowledge on the meat that they're serving and just the whole environment is to me an exciting experience I will suggest this place to anyone they won't be disappointed

    Necholle B. Avatar
    Necholle B.

    Love this place. Lines is usually long every time I come here, but the staff is pretty fast. Everything is delicious

    Yvette Y. Avatar
    Yvette Y.

    Nice and friendly service. Good prices on meat packs. Free items with purchase.

    Janice H. Avatar
    Janice H.
  • This place is great, for 6 bucks you get a breakfast that's better and bigger than any fast food place. And the lunches are just as good. Its clean the staff is friendly and the meat packages are unreal.

    Erik H. Avatar
    Erik H.

    Very good prices, excellent selection. Great sale prices. Our year-round place to buy meat and chicken.

    Matt W. Avatar
    Matt W.

    5 star ratingMy job just had are black history celebration dinner catered by you, the food was delicious, I can't remember the last time I had good cooking like that other than me cooking it. Thank you and keep the good cooking coming.

    Vickie B. Avatar
    Vickie B.

    Great variety of fresh meat! Meat deals to fit nearly any budget. I was shocked by the absence of odor that usually is present at least markets. The butcher is extremely friendly and will help you find the best deal. I absolutely loved this place! There is an alert security guard near the front of the store.

    Monica R. Avatar
    Monica R.
  • 5 star ratingMy boyfriend found this gem and took me here because I love oxtails. At first, I was surprised because it seemed like just a meat market, but the food was closer to the back. People there were super friendly. The line was longgggg, but the wait wasn't too bad.

    You pick your meat, 2 sides, comes with white rice, a side of cornbread, and a fountain drink. I do wish they had more drinks offered at the fountain area. You pay in the front with the cashier. They do you good too! The portion size was huge! I could split my meal into 2 servings.

    I got oxtails with cabbage and green beans. Oxtails were amazing, a little kick to it, but I loved it! Green beans were really good, they also add oxtails in it. I wasn't really feeling the cabbage though, the flavor wasn't there. My boyfriend ordered beef tips with greens and yams. I tried the yams, and omggggg it was soooo good.

    For the price, I think it's very reasonable. I've been to a few places that charge over 15$ for oxtails.

    Nora C. Avatar
    Nora C.

    Best meat market ive ever been to!! its so clean the staff is awesome and the soul food is out of this world I can't wait to come back

    Resha P. Avatar
    Resha P.

    5 star ratingThis is where you get more food for your money! I order from them all the time for my staff luncheons and they never disappoint.

    Tanya P. Avatar
    Tanya P.

    5 star ratingThe soul food is good not to salty I think they have changed cooks. Only one time I ate greens from here and got sick but other than that this place is okay there cakes and cookies are a little to hard but overall the service is excellent and the meat is fresh. The food is good

    Oneika F. Avatar
    Oneika F.
  • 5 star ratingThe food and service is awesome!!!! Just waiting to try out the smothered chicken. Do anyone know what days they serve smothered chicken?

    Vivian M. Avatar
    Vivian M.

    5 star ratingGreat fresh meats at this location. Workers are friendly and very helpful. I have not tried the prepared foods as of yet. But man they look delicious!

    Rick H. Avatar
    Rick H.

    Best Meat market on this side of town. Very clean and very great prices. Also they have a Soul Food served hot and fresh on the inside. I had the smothered pork chops and my husband had the oxtails. OMG best fresh Mac and cheese, sweet potatoes was Awesome and I love the fresh pinto beans with ground beef in them. Don’t just take my word: stop and get the whole family dinner tonight. Catch them before they close at 8 pm and on Sunday at 4 pm. I know your stomach and soul will thank you for eating here.

    Khrissy P. Avatar
    Khrissy P.

    This place is great. The food is fresh and delicious. Good variety. Customer service is awesome and the facility is nice and clean. Keep up the good work.

    Clara D. Avatar
    Clara D.
  • Delicious! Line was about a 20min wait on Sunday afternoon around 1pm. Tried the bbq ribs, smothered pork chop, smothered chicken, green beans, corn (w/ sausage), sweet potatoes, cabbage, greens and mac and cheese. The cornbread is not overly sweet, though, if you're one who likes it with sugar. All the workers and servers were nice, too.

    EDDIE S. Avatar
    EDDIE S.

    Customer service is great. Prices are good. They actually have a grill for cooked food as well. I bought a case of brisket, 5 in a case for $199. While a waited for they to finish trimming the brisket. I ordered the chicken and waffles. The waffle was Huge. They even helped me to my truck with my purchase. I recommend this place.

    Ronald P. Avatar
    Ronald P.

    I work here and they are the best. The soul food is to die for it’s very good. They have really good sales in the store.

    Shaniqua H. Avatar
    Shaniqua H.

    First time ordering online. Wonderful experience, will be doing it again! S/O to papa smurf

    TIM M. Avatar
    TIM M.
  • positive review Love that they came to the north side of houston!!! Saved me a drive !!! 👍🏾

    Derrick H. Avatar
    Derrick H.

    positive review Looks clean, smells clean, great staff!

    Ashlye R. Avatar
    Ashlye R.

    positive review The Tidwell and Mess location. My first time shopping with them was Monday and it was a great experience, staff was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about there products. Very worth the 30 minute drive. Meat is very fresh and the store was clean and didn't smell bad like some butcher shops.

    Cerlitha A. Avatar
    Cerlitha A.

    positive review My husband and l drove from Katy to come to the location on Cullen the customer service is the best and the prices are excellent, I will use them for every big event we have and I will gladly recommend them to all my friends.

    Lisa H. Avatar
    Lisa H.
  • positive review 💯💯💯💯💯 Best in the business....I love it.....💪🏾👍🏾

    Wayland C. Avatar
    Wayland C.

    positive review This is a great place for fresh cut meats at reasonable prices and a knowledgeable staff. Love this place!

    Kadeeci S. Avatar
    Kadeeci S.

    positive review Great place and meat always fresh!!!!

    Tae D. Avatar
    Tae D.

    positive review Love this place, great customer service.

    Janet T. Avatar
    Janet T.
  • positive review The meat is pretty and the price is all right

    Kimmie C. Avatar
    Kimmie C.

    positive review The best fresh looking meat I ever seen
    The best service They bring you order to your car
    Their staff are amazing
    There prices are the cheapest
    OMG there souls food is #1 in the city of Houston. It’s so delicious.
    Last time I went to get me a plate of ox tales
    There is enough food for 2 people and the price is the cheapest in the city and you get a large drink free with it
    The meat market is so clean. I love it

    Younes A. Avatar
    Younes A.

    positive review great place awesome service very friendly staff n always helping

    Cadillac M. Avatar
    Cadillac M.

    positive review I love getting prepared food to go.It is soooo tasty

    Gloria M. Avatar
    Gloria M.
  • positive review I highly recommend the Cullen location. This was my first time and I drove from Katy. The service was excellent. Everyone from the cashier, the ladies serving plates to the men getting meat orders were all very friendly. Best customer service. I will be a loyal customer.

    Taleshia J. Avatar
    Taleshia J.

    Great place to purchase meat for family

    Regina B. Avatar
    Regina B.

    The food is A-1, it's a nice clean establishment, really good cuts of meat and products.

    Gregory W. Avatar
    Gregory W.

    The staff is always friendly and never a long wait.

    Adriene D. Avatar
    Adriene D.
  • Nice an neaty place to go an buy hot meal from an the best meat to buy

    Felicia C. Avatar
    Felicia C.

    Grest customer service and the yams in the evening are my favorite�

    Kim S. Avatar
    Kim S.

    Black eyed peas and the Mac and cheese goes DOWN!!!!

    L D. Avatar
    L D.

    Nice clean good prices and good food. Friendly and helpful staff

    Toymika D. Avatar
    Toymika D.
  • positive review Hats off to Jemaine Bell for making my shopping experience easy and well worth it while visiting from Austin. Trust and believe this location is worth getting to!!

    Heyyall I. Avatar
    Heyyall I.

    positive review I love it . My fried chicken opponent

    Katrena R. Avatar
    Katrena R.

    positive review meat by cases at a great price

    Ja Q. Avatar
    Ja Q.

    positive review Food is good prices are ok. The customer services sucks for me and my neighbors and friends when we go in there. SMH. Except for a few emplyees

    Seidah P. Avatar
    Seidah P.
  • positive review Clean and fresh product Staff is very helpful and friendly

    Charlotte F. Avatar
    Charlotte F.

    positive review patrick was amazing, and very helpful. try the oxtails , best ever!

    Suzy C. Avatar
    Suzy C.

    positive review I enjoyed my plate today.

    Evangelist L. Avatar
    Evangelist L.

    positive review everything is great and fresh...the hot food is spectacular

    Dave L. Avatar
    Dave L.
  • positive review The place is clean, the meat is awesome and the restaurant part has the best food you can find anywhere! Love to shop there.

    Evelyn M. Avatar
    Evelyn M.

    positive review The food is always good and fresh whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner...whether it for me or for a big group that haven't let me down.

    Marquette H. Avatar
    Marquette H.

    positive review Matt was very helpful!!!! The boudain there is great. Nice staff and awesome management. Thank you, Matt for everything.

    Queen-Mrs P. Avatar
    Queen-Mrs P.

    positive review Great customer service and deals.

    Andrea S. Avatar
    Andrea S.

    Jerome K. Avatar
    Jerome K.

    positive review Everything here is great n the customer service is fantastic

    Liz E. Avatar
    Liz E.

    positive review Five ⭐️ rating very respectful and courteous staff. Not even a long wait for service I love this place and the food is amazing

    Melitza B. Avatar
    Melitza B.

    positive review its clean and the staff is very helpful and friendly

    Ronnie T. Avatar
    Ronnie T.
  • positive review This place is awesome. Very friendly staff

    Janet C. Avatar
    Janet C.

    positive review Sunnyside Pack. Considerate to patrons need.

    Gwendolyn A. Avatar
    Gwendolyn A.

    positive review I love it and they have fresh meat

    Carla P. Avatar
    Carla P.

    positive review good deals and great food

    Buck M. Avatar
    Buck M.
  • positive review This market offer hot fresh food as well as a meat market. I visited the location around
    11 am. The staff was courteous and the food was really good. I bought a couple of items from the hot food area and the meat market.The presentation of meats was great. The place was clean, well organized and very inviting. The pricing was extremely reasonable. I would recommend this location to anyone.

    Rose J. Avatar
    Rose J.

    positive review Fast service and always fresh meat.
    steam table is delicious for breakfast lunch and dinner

    Brandy J. Avatar
    Brandy J.

    positive review Great selections and prices!

    Devin G. Avatar
    Devin G.

    positive review Came in and walked out with some Soul Power😎

    Carlos L. Avatar
    Carlos L.
  • positive review Professional, great selection. Very fresh meat 🥩

    Yvonne J. Avatar
    Yvonne J.

    positive review For some reason, I got the same guy and his service is always quick and great ❣

    Tameral L. Avatar
    Tameral L.

    positive review All of the food is fresh and not expensive. I buy my meat from here in bulk. Love it!

    Nicole B. Avatar
    Nicole B.

    positive review Great bargains friendly folks there.

    Jennie W. Avatar
    Jennie W.
  • positive review great customer service. fast service and i like them. their stuffed porkchops and chicken breast are the absolute truth, y have too get those early because they sell out quick.haven't hit the steam table yet but i will. i always miss it because I shoppe early and the food doesn't be ready, but i will yes indeed.

    Felita F. Avatar
    Felita F.

    positive review I can always find great deals on fresh meats.

    Diane G. Avatar
    Diane G.

    positive review Fresh meat, goos prices, and excellent customer service. Today my server was Roger. Prompt services with a smile. Worth the trip from Bastrop, TX.

    Nykki D. Avatar
    Nykki D.

    positive review The hot and fresh meals are second to none!! This is my new favorite soul food spot👍🏽👍🏽

    Deondra P. Avatar
    Deondra P.
  • positive review Great customer service and deals

    Robert R. Avatar
    Robert R.

    positive review Everybody in the house ate all my summer sausage so now I. have to come right back up there tomorrow. it's soooo good

    Renai D. Avatar
    Renai D.

    positive review Wow! I visited with my cousin for the first time today. Great selection, and everyone was NICE! Ask a question, and if that person doesn’t know, they find out.

    Tina W. Avatar
    Tina W.

    positive review We went to the location on Mesa. Couldn't beat the price and the customer service!!! This is the place I'll be buying my meat here on out!!

    Rachel W. Avatar
    Rachel W.
  • positive review Great meat market. Enjoy shopping here.

    Bruce S. Avatar
    Bruce S.

    positive review Great Breakfast. Great SoulFood Great Lunch Special. Great Premium Cuts Of Beef 🥩 Pork Turkey and Chicken and Sausage

    Marvelous M. Avatar
    Marvelous M.

    positive review my meal and fresh meat also clean

    LaShonda L. Avatar
    LaShonda L.

    positive review great prices and luv the service

    Mark H. Avatar
    Mark H.
  • positive review 5 stars
    Great customer service, great prices and very clean establishment.

    Gabriela V. Avatar
    Gabriela V.

    positive review Great Staff
    Great Prices
    Good looking meat
    The cooked food even looks great.

    DeMetrius D. Avatar
    DeMetrius D.

    positive review Very helpful with reasonable prices...

    Expensive L. Avatar
    Expensive L.

    positive review I've purchased ribs and chicken leg quarters for special occasions. The meat was fresh and the store was clean.

    Brenda H. Avatar
    Brenda H.
  • positive review Their meats are reasonably priced.

    Jmarie H. Avatar
    Jmarie H.

    positive review Fresh meat and good customer service, what more is there to say!! Don’t forget the steam table in the rear, don’t have time to cook, they got you!!

    Eugene V. Avatar
    Eugene V.

    positive review Hot Food fresh and clean

    Georgia K. Avatar
    Georgia K.

    positive review excellent choices of meat and great customer service

    Anna C. Avatar
    Anna C.
  • positive review went for first time today and was greeted warmly. fantastic prices, great value and some dang good boudin!!!!! will be back in few weeks 😉

    Sherrie A. Avatar
    Sherrie A.

    positive review I came 2/1/2 hrs to get the chicken wings & neck bones. The man who helped us was friendly ! Even took our basket outside !

    Yolanda S. Avatar
    Yolanda S.

    positive review the atmosphere, the friendliness, the PRICE

    Patricia P. Avatar
    Patricia P.

    positive review always the best cuts in town

    Daiquiri R. Avatar
    Daiquiri R.
  • positive review I recommend then and give them 5 stars

    Kevin S. Avatar
    Kevin S.

    positive review excellent place to shop with great prices

    Ortiz J. Avatar
    Ortiz J.

    positive review always good! Go and see for ur self

    Donna L. Avatar
    Donna L.

    positive review Food is awesome. Service was great. Friendly staff!!!

    Lisa B. Avatar
    Lisa B.
  • positive review love everything about this place!

    Rachel I. Avatar
    Rachel I.

    positive review I love their fresh meat and of coarse the Hot Food!

    Shakun B. Avatar
    Shakun B.

    positive review Awesome food.....reminds me of mama's kitchen 😎👍

    Erica B. Avatar
    Erica B.

    positive review fresh meat and gr8 prices and fast friendly help and service.

    Jorge E. Avatar
    Jorge E.
  • positive review good food and good portion

    Reginald S. Avatar
    Reginald S.

    positive review I am pleased with everything about Farmer's Fresh Meat!! I recommend all of my friends and family over here.

    D W. Avatar
    D W.

    positive review love it very clean. prices are very affordable. i'm there every 2 weeks at times 3 in a week. excellent.

    Bunny R. Avatar
    Bunny R.

    positive review To fellow deer hunters. Farmers fresh is an excellent place to have your deer processed at very reasonable prices. I have been dealing with Matt for 2 yrs. ( Mesa location ) Awesome guy. Staff is excellent, building is very clean. Venison sausage I had made is extremely delicious. Even seen some childhood friends that are employed by Farmers fresh. Thank you so much Farmers fresh.

    Jesse G. Avatar
    Jesse G.
  • positive review Love everything about it,friendly customer service 👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

    Linda F. Avatar
    Linda F.

    positive review I was there today and the staff was wonderful, the meats were so fresh,prices were very affordable and the store was amazing!

    I enjoyed a fried turkey cooked by the staff and it was amazing. I highly recommend this meat market to everyone.

    Sherry B. Avatar
    Sherry B.

    positive review Great customer service. The cooked food is good. They have awesome choices of fresh meat.

    Sjolanda E. Avatar
    Sjolanda E.

    positive review They have the BEST FRESH MEAT, COOKED FOOD, and CUSTOMER SERVICE on Mesa Drive....Love they weekly deals!!!!

    Nytiesha P. Avatar
    Nytiesha P.
  • positive review We are you going to do order the B&W meat company. Miss Gladys Preston (713-927-6089)

    Gladys P. Avatar
    Gladys P.

    positive review Great experience!! Henry was very helpful.

    Sean M. Avatar
    Sean M.

    positive review Meat is always fresh. Hot food is amazing especially ox tails always seasoned good fresh. Best soul food I’ve tasted so far 💯

    Msthickem's Y. Avatar
    Msthickem's Y.

    positive review Fresh meat, great pricesfast and friendly service.

    Denette L. Avatar
    Denette L.
  • positive review great place to shop. great selection, friendly staff

    Monica W. Avatar
    Monica W.

    positive review I absolutely love this place! We drive almost 2 hrs just to shop here.

    Emmy T. Avatar
    Emmy T.

    positive review Great place,clean place also one plate can feed two people's u get more than your money spent n the service is very very very great n I love the food n the customer service I have been going here for quite sometime n nothing has change the food is still great n u get your money worth on anything u buy here.....Take my words n just go try it n thank me later...

    Drexel M. Avatar
    Drexel M.

    positive review Very fresh meat
    Reasonable meat packages
    And good soulfood
    You definitely get your monies worth

    Shountell B. Avatar
    Shountell B.
  • positive review I went to the Mesa location and the service was fast n friendly. I twas my 1st time but will.be returning soon

    Vera W. Avatar
    Vera W.

    positive review EVERYTHING, especially your oxtails, over rice, jams, greens, cabbage, and cornbread dinner!

    Rita P. Avatar
    Rita P.

    positive review They're food and service is impeccable!

    Vanesa S. Avatar
    Vanesa S.

    positive review a good place to get meat.

    Adrian C. Avatar
    Adrian C.
  • positive review Nice clean meat market with some small grocery and produce basic items. Also, looks like a great food steam table , southern comfort/soul food n some seafood items

    Agenda B. Avatar
    Agenda B.

    positive review always fresh meat. pork chops, chicken wings, chicken breast and Turkey wings.

    Cecilia F. Avatar
    Cecilia F.

    positive review the servers are VERY NICE And friendly and they give you Your money Worth with the FOOD !!!! PLEASE STOP By they have them All over Houston !!!! PLEASE STOP By

    Mattie S. Avatar
    Mattie S.

    positive review Excellent soul food exceptional price you just can't beat...

    Frederick F. Avatar
    Frederick F.
  • positive review great prices, and the fresh meat is amazing!

    Victoria V. Avatar
    Victoria V.

    positive review First time there love some of the price very nice staff and didn't buy a hot plate but the cook food looks very delicious will go back and visit

    Dedra L. Avatar
    Dedra L.

    The food is good price right haven't had no problem so far

    Neil M. Avatar
    Neil M.

    positive review first time going into this meat market was tdy very friendly&clean tha guy who helped us was magnificent he let us know about everything while he got our pack ready in a timely manner everyone was nice even tha cashiers very good deals we most definitely will be making this a new shopping spot it was worst our drive all the way frm (Trinity)

    Mary S. Avatar
    Mary S.
  • positive review Love the Prices and Quality of the Product.. Don't forget the hot plate station

    Sabrina P. Avatar
    Sabrina P.

    positive review Hot food for breakfast and lunch will have you laid out!! This place is a must!!

    Vanetta T. Avatar
    Vanetta T.

    positive review just saw video I have to check them out !!

    Lisadawn I. Avatar
    Lisadawn I.

    positive review The Meat Is Very Fresh & Normal & Fair Price Check Them Out

    Tiffany S. Avatar
    Tiffany S.
  • positive review Awesome place I took my auntie on Monday and she loved it and Uncle Haney’s tea cakes 😮

    Sharon G. Avatar
    Sharon G.

    positive review good employees and good food

    Alex V. Avatar
    Alex V.

    Such great prices for the meat quality

    Rj A. Avatar
    Rj A.

    positive review great customer service..

    Tropea S. Avatar
    Tropea S.
  • positive review i recommend. Famers Meat because they have great prices. onn there meat..

    Mary P. Avatar
    Mary P.

    positive review Great deals and friendly atmosphere! Meats are cut fresh in front of you and to your liking. A plus is they have hot food available also.

    Riley S. Avatar
    Riley S.

    positive review meat for bbq and regular cooking

    Kevin R. Avatar
    Kevin R.

    positive review Awesome meat and Specials.

    Maria R. Avatar
    Maria R.
  • positive review Oxtails.....tender...yams sweet thru and. thru...

    John M. Avatar
    John M.

    positive review great service easy to get there

    Ana P. Avatar
    Ana P.

    positive review The staff is friendly and helpful. Great meat selection and great weekly deals.

    Diana C. Avatar
    Diana C.

    positive review Great friendly service and selection of meats

    Robert A. Avatar
    Robert A.
  • positive review My first time there. Man its clean, friendly and very good service.

    Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    positive review Great meat and great service!

    Tasha C. Avatar
    Tasha C.

    positive review great staff will come back i advise everyone to check them out

    Tracy E. Avatar
    Tracy E.

    positive review the best meat market in Texas!

    Kisha H. Avatar
    Kisha H.
  • positive review fresh meat and hot plate option cant beat that combo. Love the employees willingness to load your product in vechicle

    Reiniery C. Avatar
    Reiniery C.

    positive review love the prices & quality

    Jackie R. Avatar
    Jackie R.

    positive review Hot lunches are affordable.

    Donna T. Avatar
    Donna T.

    positive review Beautiful cuts of meat and Phenomenal Food

    Lecresia G. Avatar
    Lecresia G.
  • positive review Staff is always friendly and helpful!!!

    Kim W. Avatar
    Kim W.

    positive review I live there fresh meat and friendly customer service

    Avonda C. Avatar
    Avonda C.

    positive review they always have the best sales and the most friendlies people

    Yvette G. Avatar
    Yvette G.

    positive review been here multiple times. best in town.

    Scyrus C. Avatar
    Scyrus C.
  • positive review Great place to eat and shop.

    Robert E. Avatar
    Robert E.

    positive review oxtail soul food dinner was exceedingly delicious

    Trina W. Avatar
    Trina W.

    positive review my first time going there today with my mother-in-law. I ordered 3 oxtail plates. the people very friendly and nice and Lord the food was so so good. everything was seasoned just right. oh! and was there ever enough. I almost kill myself trying to eat it all!

    Patricia P. Avatar
    Patricia P.

    positive review Everyone is always nice. The prices are great. The butcher took my meat to the register and car. Next I want to try the cook area. People always give great reviews about their food. OVERALL A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

    Latoya J. Avatar
    Latoya J.
  • positive review Freshest and quality of selection of meats

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    positive review Great prices, clean store, meat is fresh, don't have to wait long to be served. Will recommend family and friends here.

    Daisy T. Avatar
    Daisy T.

    positive review Best meat in Houston
    Best prices
    Best service
    Best soul food

    Younes A. Avatar
    Younes A.

    positive review everything from friendly helpful staff, food in the kitchen and the best fresh meat and weekly specials ever for a meat market

    Angela H. Avatar
    Angela H.
  • positive review Friendly service. great prices.

    Lekisha R. Avatar
    Lekisha R.

    positive review great staff and very clean!

    Savannah H. Avatar
    Savannah H.

    positive review best meat market I've been to

    Tikki J. Avatar
    Tikki J.

    positive review By far the greatest catering people I have ever worked with. The food is fresh, delicious and everyone that works with

    Flex P. Avatar
    Flex P.
  • positive review The meat is fresh and the deals are off the chain. But those plates that you order to go. Will put you straight to sleep. It is worth the money.

    Chris W. Avatar
    Chris W.

    positive review Meat always fresh ,great service,rib-eye are delicious

    Marvin K. Avatar
    Marvin K.

    positive review Customer service is excellent! Meat is fresh..

    Tamicka L. Avatar
    Tamicka L.

    positive review Nice & clean on the inside. Quick service..nice employees. Good variety of meats, spices, etc.
    The cooked food is the best!

    Bobby J. Avatar
    Bobby J.
  • Simply fantastic

    John O. Avatar
    John O.

    positive review Ox tails and baked chicken so far...

    Selena K. Avatar
    Selena K.

    positive review Love to go there i would tell any and everyone.

    Jeanette W. Avatar
    Jeanette W.

    positive review los precios y calidad de la carne

    David G. Avatar
    David G.
  • positive review The meat is very fresh and priced well. My family loves the rind-on bacon. The food prepared in the cafe is excellent home style cooking including the fish and the burgers.

    Vivian L. Avatar
    Vivian L.

    positive review friendly place love the choices

    Kathie L. Avatar
    Kathie L.

    positive review great deals! location is close to home, so that's a plus.

    Escalante J. Avatar
    Escalante J.

    Their meat selection & prices are unbeatable! The staff is nice & very helpful! Our first time was last Saturday & we are returning today! We love this place

    Haley H. Avatar
    Haley H.
  • Fresh meat good prices can't beat that.

    Latisha R. Avatar
    Latisha R.

    positive review there's a hot plate station and the food is awesome. Great deals on meat price.

    Sharita B. Avatar
    Sharita B.

    positive review good service great food....

    Henn D. Avatar
    Henn D.

    Best place ever love they food and fresh meat friendly staff.

    Latasha S. Avatar
    Latasha S.
  • positive review Soul food is off the chain YUMMY

    Ann W. Avatar
    Ann W.

    positive review las piernas de Poyo todas las carnes estan bien frescas

    Dina C. Avatar
    Dina C.

    positive review didn't have to wait long 4 service

    John G. Avatar
    John G.

    positive review The staff is highly professional, super nice and very helful, When you walk in you just feel that family atmosphere, its super clean and organized, and the bargains are unbeatable and the meat selections are awesome, you get good, fresh, quality meats.

    Belle L. Avatar
    Belle L.
  • positive review Clean ,friendly, courteous,pricing.The sales .The meat was pretty .The overall store at Tidwell and Mesa.
    I have not been to your location on Cullen but heard positive comments about that store as well.

    Tommy C. Avatar
    Tommy C.

    positive review Good service and everything nice, not stingy with the food plates, amazing staff, would recommend the world to eat there. They will love it.

    Clarence W. Avatar
    Clarence W.

    positive review I shopped here for the first time about 3 weeks ago and had a AWESOME experience! I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door! Everything was so fresh and smelled so clean! Mark made me feel welcome and helped me with my meat order! Mark is a very knowledgeable and personable butcher and when I checked out the ladies were great as well!! Mark walked me to my car and put my bags in with a smile!! AWESOME place of business and the staff are untouchable in customer service!!👍💖💖💖

    Robin M. Avatar
    Robin M.

    positive review great quality and the prices are amazing

    Jess L. Avatar
    Jess L.
  • positive review Great selection of fresh meats. & everyone is friendly. I hear their hot foods are delicious so I'll be trying those soon.

    Valerie S. Avatar
    Valerie S.

    positive review Great customer service! Helpful kind staff ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Amber G. Avatar
    Amber G.

    positive review great food n sales drive far

    Meagan C. Avatar
    Meagan C.

    positive review food seriously good.. check it out..

    Londray B. Avatar
    Londray B.
  • positive review Great people and service!!

    Lance B. Avatar
    Lance B.

    I’ve never been treated as nice as I was at this establishment. They make you feel comfortable with the questions you ask and treat you like you’re the only customer they have, although it’s plenty busy. I ordered a huge amount of meats and they were even nice enough to assist me with the checkout and loading of my purchases. And can we talk about how clean and neat this place is in comparison to other meat markets. Wow! Keep up the great work you all!

    Gricelda M. Avatar
    Gricelda M.

    positive review awesome service great food

    Shannon T. Avatar
    Shannon T.

    positive review great customer service greet you time you come in the door and the employees are polite and very pleasent good hot delicious food in great quantity and fair prices

    Williams C. Avatar
    Williams C.
  • positive review This place has great service. They're always friendly and helpful. Good quality meat at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it. I just wish they were closer to my home.

    Roslyn R. Avatar
    Roslyn R.

    positive review great prices and awesome customer service love this place I will be come back to purchase more thank farmers freash meat

    Mikel T. Avatar
    Mikel T.

    positive review Good soul food. Friendly staff

    Christina A. Avatar
    Christina A.

    positive review Great meat and great service

    Jose B. Avatar
    Jose B.
  • I love this place and their prices! You get so much for your money here. I am so glad this market is in my neighborhood!

    Miriam H. Avatar
    Miriam H.

    positive review great staff. nice variety. great taste

    Geneq'ua T. Avatar
    Geneq'ua T.

    Quality Meat , Great Prices , Delicious Hot Plates , Awesome Customer Service !

    David B. Avatar
    David B.

    I always come here to get my meat I've tried I've tried the fish and shrimp it was delicious I still have to try the soul food

    Tracy B. Avatar
    Tracy B.
  • Always have great weekly specials.

    Jeanette M. Avatar
    Jeanette M.

    I love everything about this place. No complaints about anything. Keep up the good work😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Takeytra S. Avatar
    Takeytra S.

    positive review Got the small breakfast... 1 meat, 2 eggs, grits and toast....


    Gerald T. Avatar
    Gerald T.

    Great prices and food. Everything is fresh and food is great tasting

    Ivy C. Avatar
    Ivy C.
  • Plenty of meat for the fam at a good deal. Need more packs without pork.

    Irene D. Avatar
    Irene D.

    Food is delicious!!!

    Ligons L. Avatar
    Ligons L.

    I love this place

    Ira D. Avatar
    Ira D.

    I enjoy the store on Cullen. The employee are very friendly and helpful, the meat is very good

    Paula J. Avatar
    Paula J.
  • My first experience here was excellent. I never been inside and I guess the man who helped me could tell because he talked me through the process step by step. I really appreciate his patience and he even walked out and out the items in my car for me!! I was so satisfied with the quality of meats as well. I wish I hadn’t become a pescatarian recently or else I would be in here once a week! Best believe whenever my meat eating family members come to town I’ll be shopping here for their meats!

    Aquasia S. Avatar
    Aquasia S.

    They have wonderful prices

    Lekita C. Avatar
    Lekita C.

    They have good pricescand the food on the steam table is good too.

    Susan D. Avatar
    Susan D.

    Good hot plates. Love them smothered pork chops

    Blake A. Avatar
    Blake A.
  • Love it!!

    Trese N. Avatar
    Trese N.

    Love this MeatMeatMark. Cant seem to find one in North Houston, so we drive out to Cullens every month to stock up.. Great Service and y'all always know what y'all are doing.. Thank You for your outstanding service. 👍

    Michelle N. Avatar
    Michelle N.

    Excellent meat market. Friendly people, very clean. Meat is fresh

    Tina R. Avatar
    Tina R.

    positive review The place is so clean and organized. The steam table offers good value for your money.

    Johnny C. Avatar
    Johnny C.
  • A 5�

    Yolanda I. Avatar
    Yolanda I.

    Love this place!

    Angela E. Avatar
    Angela E.

    The hot food is always fresh and good. Service is good also.

    Nytara R. Avatar
    Nytara R.

    I love this place I can't wait to go back this weekend to give me some more fresh meat and more keep up the good job I go to the one on the SE side

    Neise V. Avatar
    Neise V.
  • Great selections and great prices

    Jimm C. Avatar
    Jimm C.

    Great! Stopped in to get cases of meat for a family gathering. Very good quality.

    Raquel E. Avatar
    Raquel E.

    positive review always fresh meats an excellent service Thanks love you Guy's

    Thelma W. Avatar
    Thelma W.

    They have good meat and also they breakfast &dinner plates are delicious to

    Reynolds P. Avatar
    Reynolds P.
  • positive review Good food and great people

    Chris B. Avatar
    Chris B.

    positive review We just love Farmer's Fresh Meat! We've been looking for an amazing meat market since we moved hear from North Texas and we foubd it!!!

    Becky D. Avatar
    Becky D.

    positive review love them everyone always helpful

    LaFreda R. Avatar
    LaFreda R.

    positive review Awesome service, love it come here every month. always welcomed here and love how they take out your items to your truck. Thanks to each everyone of you guys.

    Ivey I. Avatar
    Ivey I.
  • Friendly down to earth and fast employees plus the food is the best my fav are the ox tails only spot I like to go to now.

    Shan E. Avatar
    Shan E.

    positive review Fresh meat department is very clean . And meat is very pretty and fresh

    Ursula R. Avatar
    Ursula R.

    positive review great service and great meat

    Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    positive review Love them , they are very nice and the staff are well put together and friendly and they take out your items to the car for their customers

    Shanta M. Avatar
    Shanta M.
  • positive review Very fresh selection. Not filled with hormones. Great and knowledgeable staff.

    Majorie R. Avatar
    Majorie R.

    positive review a great place to get your meat

    Neise V. Avatar
    Neise V.

    positive review great product and prices for any budget.

    Deidre G. Avatar
    Deidre G.

    positive review The best customer service. Scott served me today from the counter to the car. Every time I visit, I stop at this market for some fresh meat. Keep up the good work.

    Juanita H. Avatar
    Juanita H.
  • positive review Everything that he sales, it's always fresh and reasonable priced. I come all the way from Galveston, to buy meats from here. Thanks to everyone who works at Farmers. Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Ms. Mary from G Town

    Mary O. Avatar
    Mary O.

    positive review Great customer service! AWESOME

    Jacqueline J. Avatar
    Jacqueline J.

    positive review Really nice employees. Very clean market and reasonable prices.

    Esther G. Avatar
    Esther G.

    positive review The food and service ate nice. I've never had a problem

    Harold A. Avatar
    Harold A.
  • Service was excellent!

    Gracie G. Avatar
    Gracie G.

    positive review excellent meat
    excellent service

    1 butcher will take you from counter to car
    haven't been treated that good in any store in a long time

    Ruth B. Avatar
    Ruth B.

    positive review fresh meats, fast friendly service and the best pan sausage in town. The prices can NOT be beat.

    Sharon S. Avatar
    Sharon S.

    My visit on Saturday was superb!

    Tee J. Avatar
    Tee J.
  • positive review Farmer's Fresh Meat has reasonable prices. I appreciate the sales!

    Debra A. Avatar
    Debra A.

    Prices are awesome and customer service even better. It's always fresh and clean whenever we go. Since it's a bit far from where I live I just pick a day and tell my kids it's a field trip since my husband grew up out that way. They are very thoughtful and generous people. I think we will give the kitchen a try next time we go because it always smells so good. Love the fact that they give you extra freezer bags so it makes keeping meat easier and longer. Easy to make substitutions for anything in a pack you don't desire. This is definitely they place where I can say my money is well spent. Best part is my kids look forward to going there now. But I take pleasure in that 45 min drive.

    Keia W. Avatar
    Keia W.

    They’re always so friendly and helpful! The meat always is super fresh, and if you need help, they’ll even help carry your meat to your car! They’ve definitely earned a lifetime customer here. ���

    Lialleilla S. Avatar
    Lialleilla S.

    I love to shop here and the fact that it is right around the corner from make it that one place I go to for great deals.

    Yolie C. Avatar
    Yolie C.
  • Always fresh & you get a good amount for good prices

    Nicole B. Avatar
    Nicole B.

    Wonderful place

    Marisa R. Avatar
    Marisa R.

    Love this place meat is always fresh staff is friendly and helpful and the best sales in town I will never buy meat from a grocery store again

    Michelle M. Avatar
    Michelle M.

    I love this place!!
    The Meat from the butcher shop is amazing and the food from the kitchen I swear when they first opened we ate there every other day for weeks.
    My one stop shop for MEAT.
    Everyone that works there are so helpful,sweet and the girls in the kitchen remember who you are.

    Aleasha B. Avatar
    Aleasha B.
  • Awesome service... go there every so often during my lunch breaks and have always had excellent service

    Veronica C. Avatar
    Veronica C.

    Great food, great service!

    Blake M. Avatar
    Blake M.

    Love the deals, service, and quality!

    Silesha M. Avatar
    Silesha M.

    The best place in town for meat

    Nicole F. Avatar
    Nicole F.
  • Good customer service

    Darryl T. Avatar
    Darryl T.

    Awesome meat and service

    Nicole S. Avatar
    Nicole S.

    First impression was great. Fast service, clean, and the employees are nice. I will be back

    Sammesha L. Avatar
    Sammesha L.

    Customer service is awesome. The meats are fresh and you can customize your meat packs. I absolutely love this meat market.

    LaToya R. Avatar
    LaToya R.
  • I do lot of custom cooking & buy in bulk. Always a good price plus quality of everything is expectional. Would recommend to anybody buying for family or large orders.

    Robert G. Avatar
    Robert G.

    The Cullen location is where l shopped as a first-timer after seeing your ads/posts on fb. Great prices, great value, great selections. Can't wait to get that free hot meal.

    Olga B. Avatar
    Olga B.

    Fresh meat, great service. Great prices!

    Sybil M. Avatar
    Sybil M.

    Awesome deals!!!

    Kijuana K. Avatar
    Kijuana K.
  • Best Deals Ever, So Much For A Little Price 😋

    Sabrina G. Avatar
    Sabrina G.

    The food always looks fresh, the staff is always helpful and friendly.

    Sylvia G. Avatar
    Sylvia G.

    Food is great! Love the Mesa location...

    Wanda B. Avatar
    Wanda B.

    Excellente customer service!

    Diana C. Avatar
    Diana C.
  • Haven't been yet but on my way my bestie told me about it, thanks bestie!

    Cynthia S. Avatar
    Cynthia S.

    I love Farmers Meat Market. Excellent service,great prices

    RaShawn L. Avatar
    RaShawn L.

    I just started going to the location on Mesa, and their customer service is great everytime.

    Keela L. Avatar
    Keela L.

    Meat melts in your mouth good for the soul and they get all the bragging

    Andre M. Avatar
    Andre M.
  • Great place. Great service.

    Jose T. Avatar
    Jose T.

    great customer service. Great prices. I drive from Texas city to get meats

    Joe G. Avatar
    Joe G.

    Great prices

    Ahiko H. Avatar
    Ahiko H.

    It's worth the Drive from Baytown. It's very good.Service is great

    Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.
  • The workers are family oriented food is fresh and that breakfast taste like yo momma made it.SOUTHSIDE STAND UP!!!!!�������

    Antoine B. Avatar
    Antoine B.

    great service and good product all the time

    Sonia J. Avatar
    Sonia J.

    Great meat and prices and service all around. Always good meat and smiles

    James B. Avatar
    James B.

    Buy my meat for my competition cookoffteam, my catering business and my restaurant here. Best quality and price anywhere!! Service is top of the line!!!

    Phillip W. Avatar
    Phillip W.
  • Farmers Has A Great Selection Of Fresh Meets And The Store Is All Ways Clean I Love Farmers

    Nicholas H. Avatar
    Nicholas H.

    Some of the best soul food and always fresh meat. Great customer service.

    Stephanie J. Avatar
    Stephanie J.

    Great service �! Thank you Mack & Sam & also to the guys who help load up our order!! Our first visit was great, nice and clean meat market. We'll most definitely be coming back�!! Thank y'all so much


    Lupita S. Avatar
    Lupita S.

    Great prices!! Friendly service!!

    Pookums J. Avatar
    Pookums J.
  • Good prices. Fresh items. Variety choices. Friendly staff.

    Carmen S. Avatar
    Carmen S.

    Its been great visit every time i visit. Guys in meat department are always prompt to help customers

    Andre T. Avatar
    Andre T.

    I think they are the best, I’ve bought the hot lunches they are hot fresh and they give you plenty. The meat is excellent I love the oxtails chicken pork chops just fresh fresh fresh I’m glad they’re in the neighborhood

    Beverly K. Avatar
    Beverly K.

    Very Impressed! Worth the 45 minute drive! I will definitely going back soon!

    Sherita W. Avatar
    Sherita W.
  • I kept seeing them on Facebook so I had to check them out for myself. Wow! I was not disappointed. The best quality of meat & the prices that can help all sizes of families. So goodbye to all the grocery stores meat departments I shopped at. Farmer’s Fresh Meat is my new favorite store for buying my meat. See yall soon.

    Lakeisha M. Avatar
    Lakeisha M.

    My husband and I enjoyed the place very nice people and prices neat and clean and the food is off the chain we will give them 10 stars.

    LaTania S. Avatar
    LaTania S.


    Vanessa C. Avatar
    Vanessa C.

    One stop shop for all your meats, fresh with great prices

    Jabar R. Avatar
    Jabar R.
  • It's the bomb ladies nd gentleman's keep up the good work I've tried almost everything on the hot line but keep missing those ribs.

    Nita H. Avatar
    Nita H.

    Great prices, fresh meat and very clean meat market.

    Mona L. Avatar
    Mona L.

    Love the one day sales. I usually go to B and W but lately Farmers Fresh have been my go to spot.

    Willfret M. Avatar
    Willfret M.

    I love shopping here and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Fresh products at ALL TIMES!!

    Christine J. Avatar
    Christine J.
  • Service was awesome. Nice and clean, first time shopping there today. They will be seeing me a whole lot more. � I am one happy customer.

    Elizabeth C. Avatar
    Elizabeth C.

    Excellent service wonderful place to shop. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They cater to you always courteous . The sale price are very reasonable

    Marilyn M. Avatar
    Marilyn M.

    Always friendly and always a wonderful place to shop and a great place to purchase from

    Rosie M. Avatar
    Rosie M.

    I wish there was 10 stars! Yall deserve it.it was my first time visiting...
    I bought some food that was on sale(good prices!) And i bought some good delicious cooked food. Beef tips and my mom bought the pig feet.. Omg! It's soo good.. I sure will be going back! Loved it. Everyone is so friendly and it's clean in there..

    Martha E. Avatar
    Martha E.
  • The meat is always fresh and they have great customer service.

    Stephanie W. Avatar
    Stephanie W.

    I love the hot food and the great customer service

    Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Always fresh and very good quality. Never disappointed

    Gina M. Avatar
    Gina M.

    Excellent Food
    Fresh Food
    Reasonable Price
    Clean Place
    Fresh Meats
    Nice People
    Good Neighbors Community
    Good Food
    hard working people

    Sarah M. Avatar
    Sarah M.
  • I love the fresh selection of meat. Prices are great!!

    Raquel L. Avatar
    Raquel L.

    I love to buy my meat here and I love the breakfast dinners in the morning....

    Tosha M. Avatar
    Tosha M.

    Just as expected amazing customer service just like the Cullen location David the young man who helped us did a wonderful job.. Hope to see him the next time we come in.. David thank you so much for all your help..

    Heather C. Avatar
    Heather C.

    Cullen has The Bomb Breakfast and Oxtails...among other things

    Vanette A. Avatar
    Vanette A.
  • Great food and fast service. My family loves getting food from the Mesa location.

    La K. Avatar
    La K.

    Great fresh meat always have what I need in stock and awesome staff!!!!

    Erica J. Avatar
    Erica J.

    They are the best all around. Their hot food is delicious, their customer service is excellent.

    Vera G. Avatar
    Vera G.

    Great hot food. They give you plenty and the meat packs are very good. All the meat is fresh

    Carolyn B. Avatar
    Carolyn B.
  • Love farmer fast and friendly never had a bad experience while shopping there would be visiting again

    Teneishia B. Avatar
    Teneishia B.

    The Butchers are always very kind and accommodating, that’s always a plus when spending my dollars. I love how they will even make specific cuts to your liking without an extra charge. Great place in the hood to visit.

    Danny D. Avatar
    Danny D.

    Been visiting the Cullen location for a year now and now my sister visits too! Prices amd service are ALWAYS top notch. The location is clean inside and out. I no longer buy meats at the grocery store!

    Sharmyka D. Avatar
    Sharmyka D.

    It is an AMAZING place to get fresh meat and they also have a great steamtable........

    Kellie D. Avatar
    Kellie D.
  • Excellent service! Fast & friendly! Always fresh food!

    Rosary C. Avatar
    Rosary C.

    Love this place, they have good deals and the food is reasonable

    Shanika A. Avatar
    Shanika A.

    I enjoyed it, I will go back. Thanks for a Great experience.

    Lily F. Avatar
    Lily F.

    Everything is always fresh.The steam table is delious.The service is remarkable.Keep up the good work.

    Victoria E. Avatar
    Victoria E.