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Standard Processing

All orders purchased at Farmer’s Fresh Meat are cut to order, free of charge. Want that Rib Eye steak cut extra thick for the barbeque pit? No Problem! Want those turkey wings and turkey necks cut gumbo style for that special Louisiana-style gumbo? No Problem! Want that delicious Summer Sausage cut just right to enjoy with cheddar cheese and crackers? No Problem! Our butchers and meat cutters are so experienced in the varieties of cutting that no request is too bold! Our service is a true full-service meat market from the days of old and you will soon find the experience second to none.

Seasoning & Marinating

We can season or marinate any of the meats your purchase. Don’t want to hassle with seasoning those ribs for that weekend barbeque? Don’t worry, we will season and marinate those ribs in our commercial tumbler for you! Want that boneless chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper? No Problem!

Deer Processing

We process all wild game from wild hog to Deer. Just bring your game in and we’ll make fresh links from green onion to garlic, pan sausage mild or hot, you name it, we’ll do it. We only charge $1.69 per pound to process your catch!

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