Do the meat packs come with some of the free items or all of them?

The Free Items listed with each Meat Pack include ALL of those items!

Can you substitute an item in a meat pack if I don’t want something?

Yes. If there is an item or two you do not want, you can substitute it and get it’s value for anything else we carry.

If I bring my own meat in, can you guys cut it for me?

Yes. For cutting on the band saw, we only charge .50c/lb. If you want additional processing like pan sausage grinding, and sausage links, we charge $1.25/lb.

Do you process Deer?

You bet! We process deer and other wild game like Hog. Bring it in a cooled state and we will take care of the rest from chops to pan sausage to links we will do whatever you want done. We will also season it with our all natural green onion and garlic seasonings.

Do you cater events?

Unfortunately we do not currently cater, BUT we do the next best thing. We can cook any item you desire for your event and you will have to come in store and pick it up or it can be delivered to you for a fee. Please contact a manager for pricing.